As a professional in the fields of sound technician, radio frequency, teaching and technical production, I am here to provide quality technical solutions for all types of projects and events. Below you will find more information about the services I offer.


As a Sound Engineering professional, my experience covers audio mixing at concerts or events, as well as the adjustment and design of sound systems. In addition, I have a solid background as a stage manager and extensive knowledge of local networks and network audio transport protocols.

I skillfully handle all types of specialized software for the design and control of equipment, including Qlab and other cutting-edge tools. As an organizer of work teams, I stand out for my ability to collaborate with artists and producers, guaranteeing effectiveness and time performance in meeting schedules and managing needs.

My ability to work under pressure allows me to meet rehearsal schedules and provide quick solutions in case of technical problems, ensuring production success. In summary, I am a highly trained Sound Engineering professional committed to offering high quality services that meet the expectations of my clients and guarantee the success of the events and concerts in which I participate.


I offer a comprehensive service from spectrum coordination and planning for festivals and events to the execution of all needs related to radio frequency and microphone placement. My experience allows me to face complicated situations such as those that arise in a musical, a TV gala or any other event in which wireless microphones are essential.

Always aware of the importance of human interaction in dealing with the person holding the microphone, I provide security and personalized solutions for each event. My goal is to offer a complete and reliable service that guarantees the success of the event and the satisfaction of those involved. In addition, I offer the advantage of working without cables, providing the necessary security without compromising sound quality.


I have a wide catalog of syllabus and training on different topics related to sound and RF, both generic and specific. However, what I am most passionate about is the challenge of creating personalized courses based on the specific needs of each client.

My focus is to ensure that training always meets the needs and expectations of clients and students, and is designed to achieve the specific objectives of each project. To do this, I make sure to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of each client, to be able to create a training plan that perfectly meets their needs and expectations.

My goal is to provide quality training that allows participants to acquire practical knowledge applicable to their daily work, improving their ability to carry out successful projects in the field of sound and RF. Contact me to find out how I can help you develop the training your team needs to achieve their goals.


I offer technical sound organization and coordination services for events of all types. I am in charge of managing all the necessary resources, from the technical equipment to the personnel and infrastructure necessary to carry out the project successfully.

I carry out the planning and control of the assembly, ensuring that it is carried out in accordance with the established plans and specifications. In addition, I am in charge of monitoring the show conception process and the different phases of assembly, ensuring that the final result meets the client's expectations and the required regulations and technical demands.

I take care of the details and technical feasibility of the project, guaranteeing that the regulations and demands of the work to be carried out are complied with. My goal is to ensure that the entire organization and technical coordination process is carried out efficiently and effectively, to achieve the success of the event and customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact me for more information.